October 5, 2017

Re: Appointment of the new Guesthouse CEO: Steven Pelletier

The Guesthouse Shelter’s Board of Directors is very excited to announce the selection of our new Chief Executive Officer, Steven Pelletier. Steven will fill the vacancy created by Robert Sykes’ retirement this past July. The Guesthouse Shelter aims to harness the potential of emerging professionals who are driven to create social change. Thus, we see Steven - an energetic and dedicated, multi-disciplinary community leader who has proven himself to have the drive and vision that will see us through exciting times of change.
Mr. Pelletier comes to us with an academic background in human service administration, community and social development and information technology. He demonstrates an eclectic leadership style that boasts tactful and strategic direction with an entrepreneurial and community driven mindset. His skills are derived from managing a wide range of projects and people including employees, volunteers, students and peers.
We have been impressed watching over time, Steven’s local leadership addressing homelessness in North Simcoe County through administering Federal programming to address homelessness and poverty. He has capably participated in homelessness initiatives at all levels of government including the Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness, the Provincial Inter-Ministerial Homelessness Secretariat and the Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

Steven is an active community developer who has held executive positions on a number of non-profit boards as an advocate for social justice, education and training and Indigenous community governance. He is a Faculty member at Georgian College in Indigenous Studies, the Vice-President of the FACE Board of Directors, Co-Chair of the North Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness and Chair of the Urban Aboriginal Community Advisory Board.
The Guesthouse Shelter’s Board of Directors has assembled a excellent team of leadership, staff and screened and trained volunteers to carry out our vision for consistent delivery of compassionate effective care to our brothers and sisters in need. To that end, we encourage those throughout our community to join us in passionately supporting Steven’s transition into his new role.

Bob Bruer
President – The Guesthouse Shelter