For people who like to give ‘just the right gift’, the following items fit the bill:

  • Gift cards for use at local grocery stores: we can use them to buy supplies we need as well as hand them out to guests (smaller amounts so they can go farther if handed out).  Contact Us
  • Socks: our guests are on their feet all day.  Their feet need lots of socks.
  • Coffee and Apple Juice: We really go through huge amounts of coffee and apple juice.
  • Tim Hortons gift cards: so guests can have lunch or hot coffee on the cold days we are not open.
  • Cold meat and bread: so we can give our guests a lunch to go in the morning.
  • Fruit: our guests really seem to miss this the most and love it when we do have some fruit on hand.
  • Milk, eggs, bread, bacon: breakfast stocks always need replenishing.
  • Any type of frozen pre-made dinners (i.e., M&M entrées): we are never sure how many to expect for dinner… sometimes a little more than we are prepared for.  We have a new freezer and are busy developing a tracking system for the food that gets put into that freezer.
  • A bunch of stuff we forgot.